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Puppy Day Care


Puppy Day Care Monday – Friday; 7.00am – 7.00pm


Pauls Lane (Private Road), Slugwash Lane, Nr Haywards Heath, West Sussex (use RH17 7TD). Location maps here..

Why use our Puppy Day Care?

Our Puppy Day Care is there help you through those important initial stages of development, with suitable puppy exercise, stimulation and vital socialisation.

How to register for Puppy Day Care

We advise you visit prior to getting your puppy and discuss what is best for their health and welfare! Your puppy can be pre-registered and then stay once their vaccinations are complete. They need to be fully toilet trained, had at least basic obedience training classes and learnt to spend some time “home alone”, so happy to rest (possibly in a crate) when needed, to protect them from over exhaustion/stimulation.

    1. Please call Steph on 07811 165273, or use our contact form to discuss your puppy day care needs
    2. Make a 10 minute appointment with your puppy once fully vaccinated at normally 11.30am weekdays (due to dog walking and taxi schedule)
    3. Double check our Day Care location and please bring a copy of their vacination certificate inc Kennel Cough
    4. If we think your puppy will benefit from our playgroup (also considering all dogs in our care), we can then arrange your FREE DAY CARE TRIAL!

Sorry NO last minute unregistered bookings are possible!


Pick up by 3pm (inc walks)2 pups £32.00
£22.00Pick up by 5pm (inc walks)2 pups £40.00
£26.00Pick up by 7pm (inc walks)2 pups £46.00

Out of hours surcharge: £6.00 if unscheduled drop off or pick up outside normal opening hours (e.g. after 7pm weekdays).

Puppy Registration

Our aim is to replicate the kinds of activities, puppies would experience in its natural environment with siblings. Appropriate exercise and massage can help to ensure development of good stability and correct muscle patterning.

Bones require appropriate physical stresses to create strength, applied in the correct way. Excessive jumping, falling or twisting can result in long-term problems. Any injury or overexertion, however small, can affect muscular balance and joint integrity.

Day Care Licenses state lots of common sense conditions but a few to be aware of:

  • No dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to be accepted.
  • Dog Hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 (e.g. Wolf Hybrids) are not accepted.
  • A recorded copy of proof must be provided on current vaccinations (inc Kennel Cough) that were completed at least four weeks before initial boarding or in accordance with instructions.
  • A limit on mature entire males can stay at any time.
  • Any females likely to be in season can not stay.

NB: Homeopathic alternatives for vaccinations are not (as yet) accepted by licensing authorities. Please consult your vet for advise on vaccines and complimentary homeopathic remedies.


Play in a safe environment with a variety of other puppies and people/children; off lead.


To learn social skills and bite inhibition only done properly through good experiences. You also learn to handle your puppy with other distractions around.


Introductions (too few) are normally on a lead, in the wrong environment, causing physical and mental stresses for all involved.


Play in 10 – 15 minute bursts then rest, building up to maybe 30 minutes as they mature.


Excessive stresses can damage soft tissue and affect joint and bone development.


Generally exercise is in our timescales, not when puppy is naturally awake and warmed up.


Climb over soft and low items, also using lateral and medial movements.


Climbing over/through suitable objects help neural pathway development, balance, stability and encourages spatial awareness. Muscles are “fired” up; trained to work.


At home they walk on the flat and often spend time in restricted space.


Vary their pace, running, walking, pouncing and charging.


Your puppy needs to develop at its own pace and travel/move in different directions for natural muscle developments.


Walks are mostly on lead, at a dictated pace, gait and direction.


Learn to hunt a scent, developing life skills/rewards, aiding physical and mental growth.


30 minutes of scent exercises is thought to equate to five hours of walking, as far as stimulation is concerned. It is fun and mentally beneficial, without being high impact; it also naturally stretches the neck and back, developing hindquarter engagement.


Exercise is used to exhaust or tire puppies and dogs. Scent exercises are not utilised.

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