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Puppy & Dog Training Classes

With over 28 years of dog training experience, let Steph at ABFABDOGS help bring out the best in your puppy! Puppy Classes are held at ABFABDOGS Day Care Crèche, KPS Business Park, Pauls Lane (private road), Slugwash Lane, Nr Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Call for Steph now on 07377 872922.

Puppy One2One

For those who want to avoid any future problems, getting everyone caring for puppy involved at home. If you can/do not want to attend structured classes or who have puppies that may not be ready for group classes.

Lessons are flexible according to your needs but based on a 60 minute sessions at £20.00 per dog,
(excluding travelling expenses to be discussed at time of booking).

Puppy One2One Loyalty Discount Card

Book 4 One2One lessons in advance and get £5.00 off!

Our puppy training will focus on learning basic manners with other puppies, dogs, children and adults. We help you successfully calm and handle your puppy, getting their attention, obedience and the prevention of behaviour and temperament problems.

Puppy Classes (6 weeks)

Dates: TBC. Please call Steph on 07377 872922 to add your puppy to the waiting list for the next course!

Details: Minimum 4, maximum of 8 puppies in class to devote time to you and every puppy.

Before You Book: Puppies must be 10 weeks or older, having completed at least one vaccination against parvovirus and distemper.

Registration Fee: £60 in cash or cheque paid to Stephanie Berry (includes lesson plans).

For more information/to book: Call Steph on 07377 872922.

Please do not feed your puppy before class but instead bring high reward food with you for the first class. As an Arden Grange pet food supplier, we also offer puppy food samples and discount vouchers.

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